Get All Characters In Mario Kart 8 – Here’s How!

How To Get All Characters In Mario Kart 8

Be the envy of all your rivals with these unlockable characters in Mario Kart 8! Here’s how to get them all:

  1. Win cups in Grand Prix mode.
  2. Collect coins while you race.
  3. Beat the ghost data staff in Time Trial mode.
  4. Use compatible Amiibo figures.
  5. Increase your rank in online multiplayer.
  6. Play lots of single-player VS battles.

Note: Some characters require special tasks, like collecting a certain number of coins or winning a cup with a particular kart or character combo.

Pro Tip: Keep playing and trying out different modes to unlock all characters quickly. Have fun racing!

Unlockable Characters

Unlock New Playable Characters in Mario Kart 8

Looking to get all the characters in Mario Kart 8? Look no further! Here are a few things you should know about unlocking playable characters in the game.

  • Some of the characters are already unlocked and available for you to play from the beginning of the game.
  • It’s possible to unlock characters by simply playing and winning Grand Prix cups. The more you play, the better your chances of unlocking them.
  • You can also unlock characters by achieving certain goals, such as beating a particular time in Time Trial mode, or by playing a certain number of races.
  • If you have a compatible Amiibo figure, you can use it to unlock additional characters in the game. Simply tap the Amiibo on the Wii U GamePad while playing, and you’ll unlock a new Mii racing suit and a new character to play as.

Additionally, while unlocking characters can be a fun challenge, each one also has unique abilities and stats, so experiment with different characters to find the one that’s right for you.

In many ways, unlocking new characters in Mario Kart 8 is like leveling up. You’ll have to put in some time and effort, but the rewards are definitely worth it. So why not try to unlock them all and see what each one has to offer? Happy racing!

Baby Daisy may be cute, but she’s not the sharpest mushroom in the box when it comes to racing.

Baby Daisy

Baby Daisy is an unlockable character in the game, a younger version of a well-known female character. She keeps her fiery spirit and determination despite being an infant.

To unlock Baby Daisy, gamers must complete missions or tasks within the game. She can also be accessed through downloadable content or by meeting criteria during gameplay. After unlocking, Baby Daisy can be used in various modes and challenges.

Although tiny, Baby Daisy is ideal for racing or battling. Her small size helps her maneuver around obstacles, and her tenacity compensates for any age-related disadvantages.

The game design team added unlockable characters like Baby Daisy to inject depth and variation into the game. This has been positively received by fans and critics, who enjoy the added excitement and variety.

Baby Luigi

Unlock Baby Luigi in this game! He’s popular for his unique looks and playful nature. He’s got similar skills to his older version – high jump, speed run – but he’s small, making him more agile and nimble.

You can only get Baby Luigi by achieving certain tasks. Win a cup race on specified tracks within a set time limit. Complete all missions and challenges in a level. Or earn a certain number of coins during gameplay.

Once unlocked, Baby Luigi can join the races and competition modes. His size and skills give players an edge over others.

But unlocking Baby Luigi isn’t easy. You need skill, hard work and dedication. Don’t miss out on this charming character – put your best efforts into unlocking all characters in the game!

Baby Mario

Introducing Baby Mario, an unlockable character in the game! Complete certain levels or challenges to make him a playable character. He has special skills, such as being able to float and fit through small spaces.

Baby Mario first appeared in 1995 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, where Kamek kidnapped him and Baby Luigi. Yoshi and the babies embarked on a mission to save them. Baby Mario has since been featured in various games, such as Mario Kart and RPGs.

Variations of Baby Mario, like Baby Luigi, are also obtainable by completing tasks. Each variation has its own set of abilities and characteristics, providing new ways to play.

This cute, unlockable character has been around for over two decades since its creation in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. Fans love Baby Mario for his cuteness and unique gameplay!

Baby Peach

Introducing Baby Peach! She’s a younger version of Princess Peach, smaller in size and with a higher-pitched voice. To unlock her in the game, players must complete special requirements or reach specific levels. Baby Peach excels in speed but lacks in other areas, like acceleration. Fun-loving players may find her an interesting addition to their character selection.

Did you know Baby Peach first appeared in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time for Nintendo DS? Since then, she’s been included in games like Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

But that’s not all! In Super Princess Peach for Nintendo DS, you get to play as Princess Peach! She’s on a mission to save Mario and no longer needs to be the damsel in distress. Bowser Jr., the mastermind behind the plot, is her mentor. Who needs a father figure when you’ve got Bowser Jr.?

Bowser Jr.

Bowser’s sprightly scamp, Bowser Jr., is a playable character in many famous video games. He has special abilities that give players an edge in battle. His strong shell and wild energy can cause a lot of disruption for opponents.

His moveset features some ruinous attacks. For instance, his hammer strike can knock enemies down and his paintbrush attack can blind them momentarily. In addition, he moves quickly, making it tough to catch him.

What sets Bowser Jr. apart is his special weapons. He’s got cannons, bombs, and even a clown car! These tools make him a tough contender for anyone who stands in his way.

Despite being notorious for mischief, Bowser Jr. still has loyal supporters who like his frolicsome spirit and shrewd mind. Some say he is truly the hero of his own story.

One gamer remembered using Bowser Jr.’s trickery to surprise adversaries and win the match. They said it was one of the most rewarding victories they ever had playing the game.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong, the oversized primate, and his simian family are iconic in gaming. Originally released in 1981, they’ve starred in sequels, spin-offs, and other video games. Donkey Kong has amazing strength, acrobatic skills, and loves hoarding bananas.

Players can also unlock mystery characters. Certain characters can be earned within gameplay by meeting requirements or conditions. For instance, complete Jungle Japes level with Donkey Kong to unlock Diddy Kong, or gain three trophies with any character in time attack mode to unlock Funky Kong.

Recently, when playing Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze on Nintendo Switch, players noticed a glitch. Bindoon, a barnacle bird, could be played as during some levels for nearly half an hour before switching back to the main character. Though this isn’t an official way to unlock any hidden characters, it’s an Easter egg developers added.

Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopa is one of the unlockable characters in the game. It’s a turtle-like creature with a shell for protection and attack. Fans worldwide love it as a staple in Mario games.

To unlock Koopa Troopa, you must complete certain challenges or missions. After, you can play as this character, throwing shells at enemies and sliding around.

Koopa Troopa comes in different colors and abilities. For instance, some can jump higher or are faster. Each one adds something new to the game.

Many players love Koopa Troopa for its fresh perspective and nostalgia. Plus, there was a real-life incident with a tortoise escaping and running around an airport! That proves even slow-moving creatures can be surprisingly elusive. Why unlock Lakitu when you can just throw your controller out the window and make your own cloud?


A flying enemy can be unlocked in this game. It’s hard to do, needing players to finish certain levels. But, once done, it can be used in various modes.

This character has a special attack: dropping spiny eggs on enemies. It can also give help by carrying players or guiding them around levels.

If you want a challenge, unlocking this character adds more complexity and excitement. Don’t miss out! Unlocking new characters is part of gaming. Why not try it and see what surprises await you?

Shy Guy

Shy Guy is a timid, masked figure known for its blush. To unlock him, players must win a certain amount of races, collect coins, hit targets or complete challenges. Despite the shyness, Shy Guy is popular due to his design and playstyle. With mastery of strategy and driving, he can become a valuable asset for gamers.

Pro Tip: Look out for special events and updates that offer increased chances to unlock characters like Shy Guy. And why go for a regular Toad when you can have Toadette – the ultimate girl power mushroom!


Toadette is one of the game’s unlockable characters. She made her debut in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and has become a fan favorite. She’s playful and enthusiastic – a great racer to have on your team!

You can unlock Toadette by completing certain challenges or winning races. She has special features that set her apart from other characters. For example, her “Mushroom Cannon” ability lets her fire three mushrooms at once for defense.

Toadette also has different stats than other characters. Her acceleration and handling are higher, but her top speed and weight are lower. This makes her ideal for tracks with sharp turns and obstacles.

Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock Toadette. She brings a lot of fun and unique abilities to the game. Plus, Waluigi’s still waiting for his chance to shine – we all know he’s just a purple Luigi with a pencil-thin moustache.


Waluigi, the lanky villain in purple attire, is a popular unlockable character in the Super Mario franchise. He first appeared in Mario Tennis and has since featured in games like Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. Waluigi is known for his agility and tricky gameplay style.

Players can typically get him by completing tasks or achieving high scores in specific game modes. His move set usually includes acrobatics and sly tactics.

Unlike other Mario characters, Waluigi’s background remains mysterious. Some speculate about his link with Wario or if he’s somehow related to the plumber brothers.

Lots of tales persist among fans about unlocking Waluigi. One story goes that if you input a secret code while playing as Luigi on certain levels, Waluigi will appear.

Unlocking Waluigi adds an extra layer of difficulty and thrill to Mario games. So why settle for a boring caterpillar when you can unlock a Wiggler and make your opponents squirm?


Wiggler is a character that can be unlocked in the game. To gain access to him you must: get the Golden Leaf, go to World 4-3 and defeat all enemies while riding atop a Koopa Shell.

When transforming into Wiggler, the player increases in size. This enables them to trample through obstacles and enemies with ease – something no other character can do!

Legend says Wigglers were once eerie caterpillars who roamed the forest. They were cursed, making them red-hot with anger. When they got angry, their body glowed red hot and steam would come out of their head. It wasn’t until they gained special powers and became popular in video games that they overcame the curse and returned to their original state as lovable caterpillars.

Unlocking characters is like trying to break into a high-security vault. But instead of diamonds, you get a pixelated hero!

Unlocking Criteria

To unlock all the characters in Mario Kart 8, certain conditions must be met. These conditions are based on the specific achievements of each character and are known as the character unlocking criteria.

The character unlocking criteria in Mario Kart 8 can be complex, but the following table outlines the corresponding characters and their unlocking requirements.

CharacterUnlocking Criteria
Baby Daisy50cc Grand Prix, Earn at least 1 Star Rank in all 50cc Cups
Baby Luigi100cc Grand Prix, Earn at least 1 Star Rank in all 100cc Cups
DaisySpecial Cup, Win Gold Trophies in all Mirror Mode Cups
Diddy Kong150cc Star Cup, Complete all Retro Cups with 1st place
Donkey Kong100cc Lightning Cup, Use each of the karts at least once

It’s worth noting that some characters have multiple criteria for unlocking, which can add an extra layer of complexity to the game. Additionally, each character comes with unique stats and abilities, so it’s important to consider these factors when making a selection for a specific track or race.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock all the characters in Mario Kart 8! Follow the character unlocking criteria and expand your gameplay for even more excitement and challenge. Start unlocking now and enjoy the game to the fullest! Who needs friends when you have a console and Mario Kart 8’s single player mode to keep you company?

Single Player Mode

Single Player Mode is for when you’re playing solo. This mode lets you play against AI or practice, depending on the game genre and complexity.

To enter this mode, gamers must complete tasks in either Tutorial or Training Mode. Tasks often involve finishing a set of levels, or earning a certain amount of points.

This mode has a unique feature: pausing your game at any time and continuing when you’re ready. Plus, you don’t need an Internet connection to play.

For more fun, you can set custom difficulty levels or choose different characters to challenge yourself. Grand Prix – because unlocking criteria is a race you don’t want to finish last in!

Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix is a must-have for all racing game fanatics! It’s an international championship held annually. To advance to the next level, competitors must win various Grand Prix circuits. These can range from iconic urban circuits like Monaco to fast-paced tracks like Monza and lively tracks like Singapore.

Participating and succeeding in multiple Grand Prix races not only opens up new challenges but also offers access to higher difficulty settings. Winning races grants points to upgrade cars or for other bonuses.

It’s important to research and use suitable resources to learn how each circuit works before competing. Upgrading your car with the right features will also boost your chances of winning the race.

Taking part and doing well in the Grand Prix circuit gives players an unforgettable experience they won’t want to miss! So, start your engines and let the race begin! If you want to test your speed and sanity at the same time, try completing time trials with your eyes shut!

Time Trials

Time Trials evaluation is key to measure an athlete’s performance. It assesses an athlete’s speed and tracks progress. To pass the ‘Time Trials’ stage, athletes must meet the criteria listed in the table.

Completion of course100%
Completion time within limitPer benchmarks

Benchmarks provide reference points for assessing an athlete’s level. Coaches use these to decide if athletes can progress. Pro Tip: Athletes should practice timed runs to build endurance and speed. Race hard – friendships won’t help you win!

VS Race

Have you heard about ‘.3. VS Race’? It’s a multiplayer mode where you can race other players online. Here’s the deal:

  • You need an active Nintendo Switch Online membership to join in.
  • Races can be solo or team-based. Up to twelve people can participate at once.
  • You have to rank up to unlock higher levels of racing abilities.

Earn your place as a top racer! To do this, you need skill and practice. But the rewards make it worth it – it’s an incredibly fun experience! So don’t miss out on all the excitement that ‘.3. VS Race’ has to offer. Crush your opponents’ dreams in real time – go get ’em!”

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer gaming is the way to go! Players can team up or battle it out in interactive gameplay. Accessible on various platforms, such as smartphones, PCs and consoles, it’s a great way to join forces with friends or other gamers. Plus, playing together creates a sense of community which enhances the entire experience.

Don’t miss out on the multiplayer fun – try it today! Whether you’re after some casual fun or intense competition, it has something for everyone. So, let’s start playing together! For those who prefer a more personal touch, local play is also an option.

Local Play

Local Gameplay Criteria:

To unlock criteria for local gaming, certain conditions must be met. These include meeting minimum specs and updating to the latest version. Once these requirements are fulfilled, players can enjoy uninterrupted local gameplay without any restrictions.

Also, players need to check their input device compatibility and ensure they are connected properly. This allows them to control their gaming environment successfully. Plus, they should be aware of their environment, reducing distractions while playing.

Some games may require two or more players to start playing locally. This info can be found in the game description or manual.

Interestingly, local gaming has been around since the earliest days of arcade cabinet games. Over time, tech developments have made it possible to play house-based video games with people from remote locations through online multiplayer platforms. Online multiplayer: where you can unlock new levels of frustration by playing with people who have no idea what they’re doing.

Online Multiplayer

Semantic NLP Variation of ‘.2. Online Multiplayer’: Digital Multiplayer Gaming!

Digital multiplayer gaming is a big hit in many video games. Here are five points to think about when unlocking this criterion:

  1. The game needs an online part.
  2. You need a strong internet connection for smooth gameplay.
  3. You may need to make accounts with gaming platforms like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, to join in.
  4. Some games may charge subscription fees for online multiplayer features.
  5. Digital multiplayer gaming can make the overall gaming experience better by letting players interact with others all over the world.

Surprisingly, a few games offer digital multiplayer capabilities not related to their main mission. For example, Grand Theft Auto V first launched with single-player mode but later added an online multiplayer feature, GTA Online, that’s now a big deal in the gaming world.

One last thing to keep in mind: not all digital games offer digital multiplayer options. It depends on the game design and audience preferences. So, players have to check if a particular game has digital multiplayer before buying it. And don’t forget about Amiibo! Collecting small plastic figurines is the perfect way to show off as a gamer.


Amiibos are interactive figures designed to interact with compatible games. They connect to game consoles via an NFC reader and unlock special features and content within the supported games.

Mario, Link, Pikachu, and more have all had Amiibo figures produced from popular Nintendo franchises. Each figure is intricately designed to replicate their respective character’s appearance.

This idea was initially proposed by Shigeru Miyamoto in 2010, but the figures weren’t released until 2014. Despite initial skepticism, Amiibos have become quite popular, and a highly sought-after collector’s item among Nintendo fans worldwide. The key to success? Bribing the lock with chocolate and compliments!


Wrapping up, to get all characters in Mario Kart 8 you need various tactics and strategies. You can do this by completing cups at different speeds, unlocking achievements, and winning the grand prix. Plus, buying downloadable content gives you access to new characters. Coins earned during gameplay also help you unlock characters.

Applying these techniques and understanding the game’s mechanics increases your chances of getting all characters. Knowing each character’s strengths and weaknesses helps you pick the best racers for each level.

Even if you have all the characters, the game is still challenging. I know this from experience – my little sister beat me in a race, using Luigi!